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Cymatics - Sound into Geometry

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. —Nikola Tesla

I am immersed in the study and practice of Sound Healing it it's various forms. This is such a deep field that it will likely take a lifetime just to scratch the surface. Cool!

sound healing
singing-bowlsSound Healing uses various forms to help balance the mind, body, feelings, emotions and thoughts. Some of the tools that are available are: healing tuner forks, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, bells, digeridoos, toning and chanting, electronic sounds and many more.

healing frequencies
biosonics-forks-250Specific frequencies can be used to help bring the physical, emotional and energetic bodies into balance thereby allowing healing. These frequencies can be played directly on specific parts of the body or can be applied more generally, depending on the application. Various methods of delivering the healing frequencies are used including, tuning forks near the ears, tuning forks placed on meridian points on the body, specific electronic tones created by a frequency generator, and many others.

sonic journeys & activations
group-healingThese are live 50 minute ambient, meditative, performances (using Ableton Live) of music and healing sounds including: 18th century Tibetan bowls, gongs, bells, healing tuner forks, flutes, strings, harmonic singing, chanting/mantras, percussion, electronic drones, brain entraining frequencies, and much more, creating a lush immersive soundscape.

Live acoustic sounds and vocalizations are also introduced into the mix.

All of the music and sounds are in frequencies such as Solfeggio, 432 hz, and others known to induce deep states of relaxation, awareness and journeys deep within.

what people are saying

During Bram's Sound Healing Immersion I dropped deeper and deeper into experiencing only sound and vibration. Thoughts drifted away and there was simply the experience of being blissful awareness.   Bram truly has a gift for weaving together sounds and instruments to create an awakening journey.  Thank you!!!! —Lindea
I went on a journey to outer space.  My body still reverberated for an hour after.  My sore back was completely relieved. Amazing mix of instruments, bells, gongs, voice.  A true shamanic sonic journey. —Kayla

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