Could it Be Things Are Falling Together?

Screen Shot 2018 06 12 at 2.14.17 PMA moment of truth and vulnerability.

This last week, and my trip to Santa Cruz, was fucking brutal... emotionally, and even physically in many ways. A number of things converged in my life that triggered my core wounds (and a bunch of peripheral wounds, as well) in ways that took me right to my edges of surrender, compassion (for myself and others), trust and a severe testing of my beliefs, practices and cosmology.

As I sit here a day after returning home, what IS clear, is that like all of the major evolutionary experiences in my life, ones where it appeared that everything was going to shit and falling apart... in reality everything was falling together in the most profound ways imaginable.

Every disparate event was brilliantly orchestrated to help me ultimately see, with crystal clarity, the things that have been in my way, and preventing me from moving into new levels of love, peace, joy, creativity and presence.

It feels like I was given the keys to unlocking the mysteries of the universe in my life. It's likely going to take a while (as we believe time to exist) for it to become more fully realized and embodied, but, holy fuck... the Love of All-That-IS is so immense and infinite...

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We Are Not Alone...

Screen Shot 2018 06 12 at 2.37.25 PMI have been coming to an awareness in my life that loneliness is really just a feeling of separation from Source and the truth of who we really are... Love.

I am discovering that being with other people (even lovers) is usually just “company”, and cannot ultimately heal our loneliness.

Facebook, and other social media is just “media” that is social. I do find a lot of value in it, but, even with hundreds of Facebook friends I often find myself experiencing loneliness.

In my life, it is being revealed that the most effective way to move through loneliness and separation, and find unwavering presence within myself, is to be willing to rest (meditate) with the deep and long held feelings of grief, sadness, hurt, inadequacy, vulnerability, and shame when they arise. When I am able to "be" with those feelings unconditionally, and without trying to fix or change them, they usually evaporate rather quickly, and equanimity and peace can return.

Despite our various connections with others, it appears that we are asked to make this journey of the heart alone.

I find much comfort and insight from the following quote.

“You are not alone as a person, you are alone as the entire universe.” ~Mooji

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